Development Squad

“The expert in anything
Was once a beginner” – Helen Hayes

The AKRC Development Squad comprises men and women at a lower level of experience to those in our Senior squads. The majority of Development Squad members are successful graduates from one of our Learn to Row courses, but also includes recent joiners returning to the sport or beginners who have learnt to row elsewhere.

The general aims of the Development Squad are no different to that of the Seniors – that being to train and compete to the best of their ability, and to continue their progression in the sport at one of the best clubs on the Tideway.

Typically the squad will enter local and regional novice category head and regatta races throughout the season, often travelling and competing side by side with their senior colleagues. On-water training is coached by some of the most experienced members of the club, while land training follows the same general programme as the senior equivalent, albeit without such a strict expectation that every training session be completed to the same degree.

This is not to suggest that Development Squad members don’t train as hard as the Seniors – many do, and naturally those who demonstrate the necessary level of technique, performance and commitment to training, will be invited to move up into the senior squad and start competing at a higher level.

If you wish to enquire about the possibility of joining the Development Squad please contact the Learn to Row coordinator.

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